With a network of over 2500 lenders and over 300 loan products, we are able to provide our clients with options when making a purchase or refinancing an existing loan. Our clients complete one loan application, we structure, package and submit their loan to 6 or more, local, regional and national lenders. The lenders then compete for the client's loan which allows us to provide the client with the best interest rates and terms, based on their lending project. In most cases if we are unable to fund the loan, no one can!!


If you need a commercial real estate loan, you will need to apply to either a life insurance company, a conduit, a commercial bank, a credit union, or a hard money lender. These are the types of commercial lenders actively making commercial loans today.

Life insurance companies have, by far, the lowest interest rates on commercial loans; but few mortals can qualify. To qualify for a commercial loan from a life company, the commercial loan must usually be for at least $5 million, the property has to be young, if not brand new, it has to be fully-leased, and your loan-to-value ratio cannot usually exceed around 53%. Life companies do close commercial loans, but in my 33 years in the commercial mortgage business, I have never successfully closed a commercial loan with a life company. They are immensely picky.

Conduits have the cheapest, fixed rate commercial loans of all of the commercial lenders who actually close loans for mortals like you and me. Conduits are mortgage banking companies that originate large, fixed rate commercial loans according to very strict guidelines. These loans are eventually placed into pools and securitized.

The good news is that conduits offer very low interest rates on commercial loans, and they will sometimes stretch to 65% (68%?) loan-to-value. The bad news is that most conduits prefer loans over $5 million, and all conduit loans have prepayment penalties large enough to choke a horse.

Property Types We Lend On 

Scan through the list of property types below to see if we can help fund your next Commercial Loan project. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 770-538-1409.

  • Agricultural Use

  • Apartment (5-20 Units)

  • Apartment (21+ Units)

  • Auto Services

  • Bed & Breakfast

  • Campground / RV Park

  • Carwash

  • Church

  • Condo Conversion

  • Convenience Store with Gas

  • Day Care Center

  • Development (Residential)

  • Development (Commercial)

  • Dry Cleaner

  • Educational Center

  • Equipment Financing

  • Funeral Home

  • Gas Station

  • Golf Course

  • Health Care / Assisted Living

  • Hospital

  • Hotel Condo

  • Hotel / Motel

  • Investment Condo

  • Land

  • Laundromat

  • Light Industrial

  • Marina (Lake Access)

  • Marina (Ocean Access)

  • Marina with Gas (Lake Access)

  • Marina with Gas (Ocean Access)

  • Mixed Use

  • Mobile Home Park

  • Multi Family (2-4 Units)

  • Multi Family (5+ Units)

  • Office

  • Office Condo

  • Parking Garage

  • Restaurant

  • Retail

  • Rooming House

  • Self Storage

  • Single Family Residence

  • Townhome / Residential Condo

  • Warehouse

  • Warehouse Condo

  • Working Capital


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